Network Marketing

Throughout the past 50+ years, since the inception of the first network marketing company, the network marketing industry, like all industries, has gone through several development phases and growing pains, including many individual company successes and failures, domestically and internationally. The industry has made a remarkable impact on global commerce and R&R International Consulting has made an equal impact on the network marketing industry, with its global expansion methodologies and systems.

Since 1997, R&R International Consulting has worked with foreign governments, industry leaders, attorneys, accountants, logistics professionals in over 80 countries. This experience has created a tremendous breadth of international understanding and a seasoned, sophisticated, international consulting firm.

As most know and understand, international expansion is not for the faint of heart nor the inexperienced or untrained. Most citizens of the United States would be shocked to know they are in many ways inferior to their foreign counter parts, especially when it comes to language skills, global awareness and international business experience.

In the mid 90's an MLM company exploded onto the international MLM scene and to the amazement of almost everyone in the industry, successfully expanded into 30+ countries almost over night with a consumable nutritional product. Never before in the history of the MLM industry had such an audacious endeavor been pursued and accomplished, with a tangible/consumable product line. The foundation of that successful expansion was created by one of the partners of R&R International Consulting. Shortly after creating this system, the partners of R&R (both former MLM executives) came together, to provide this knowledge to the network marketing industry.

R&R International Consulting is dedicated to improving the outlook and perspective of the industry of network marketing around the globe. We do this by helping our clients succeed! It is important to understand that R&R does not create the success, our clients and their distributor leaders must do that, R&R merely opens the door for improved success.

Where would your company like to go next�Singapore, Japan, Australia, Germany?!

Who we are

Seasoned international business executives having worked in over 80 countries around the world.

How we benefit you

  • Increased success
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Rapid expansion
  • Seasoned Experience


ViaViente Global has used R&R International Consulting for over eight years now and have entered multiple countries with their assistance. I trust their knowledge and expertise completely. R&R has made my job so much easier.
Mike Brosnan
President, Asia Pacific
ViaViente Global

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