Expansion Model

We deploy several different expansion strategies in behalf of our clients, according to the specific demands and needs of the country being pursued, but for the most part our objective is to expand into as many countries by reducing risk and expense.� We are able to greatly economize international expenses and expedite the entire process of country expansion.

MLM companies can reasonably expand into 5, 10, 15 countries per year under this model, without causing an internal implosion of human or cash resources. Our model implements process engineering in five major international MLM categories: taxation, accounting, international law, marketing/distributor affairs and distribution/logistics. What historically has required hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to accomplish (one foreign country opening) now can be done for fractions of the cost and time.

The backbone of our model is a worldwide network of importers which facilitate many processes. These importers were selected and trained by R&R to carry out vital localized activities (taxation, importation, storage, registration, etc.) in behalf of R&R's clients. These independent importers, under the direction of R&R's clients, engage in many cost-reducing activities and provide a bridge for future growth.

Our model is not based on a "not for resale" program (NFR), although this method is sometimes useful in a small handful of countries and generally for a limited time period. R&R's system is based on an integrated and sophisticated set of expansion methodologies which required years of experience to create. Manuals, contracts and global relationships are the core to the system. Each country is looked at based on a 4-phase approach.

Phase 0
NFR (if used). Note R&R does not consider NFR a real expansion phase.
Phase 1
This phase typically includes the following:

  1. No foreign legal presence established, yet local consumer and MLM laws adopted
  2. If needed, products registered with foreign Health Ministries (allowing products to be resold)
  3. Products imported in large quantity and warehoused by R&R trained importers/warehouse
  4. Financial support localized to both receive foreign payments and compensate distributors

Phase 2
This phase typically includes the following:

  1. Localization of services (i.e. customer service, training/materials, language support, etc.)
  2. Still outsourced (no legal nexus created) under the control of the importers (foreign partners)

Phase 3
This phase typically includes the following:

  1. Small, inexpensive support center (still outsourced  no legal nexus)
  2. Country Manager or other staff hired (still outsourced  no legal nexus)
  3. Country-specific market development

Phase 4
This phase typically includes the following:

  1. Establishment of foreign corporate entity
  2. Development of full-service office

Who we are

Seasoned international business executives having worked in over 80 countries around the world.

How we benefit you

  • Increased success
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Rapid expansion
  • Seasoned Experience


ViaViente Global has used R&R International Consulting for over eight years now and have entered multiple countries with their assistance. I trust their knowledge and expertise completely. R&R has made my job so much easier.
Mike Brosnan
President, Asia Pacific
ViaViente Global

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