Business Methodology

R&R's expansion system has been successfully utilized now for well over a decade, by several notable MLM companies, all around the world. One of the underlying concepts to R&R's success is knowing how to legally and correctly do business in a foreign country without having to take a presence in that foreign country, until necessary. Doing so significantly reduces risk and expense.

Using R&R's system makes it feasible for a US based MLM company to expand into 5, 10, 15, 20 countries in one year, without the threat of human or cash capital implosion, which has been a significant contributing factor of many unnecessary failures.

R&R's system is not based on a "not for resale" program (NFR), although this method is sometimes useful in a small handful of countries and generally for a limited time period. R&R's system is based on an integrated and sophisticated set of expansion methodologies which required years of experience to create. Manuals, contracts and global relationships are the core to the system. Each country is looked at based on a 4-phase approach.

The R&R expansion model functions on a backbone of global importers, warehouse & distribution operators around the world, selected and trained by R&R. These importers work in behalf of R&R clients. It is through them that many risks/costs are reduced, mistakes overcome and more practical/correct decision making increased.

You might be asking yourself, why have I not heard of R&R International Consulting? The answer is that R&R has quietly gone about business underneath the proverbial industry radar screen. We only work with a small handful of clients at any given time, most of which have been referred to R&R by the client's MLM professional advisers (i.e. attorneys, software companies, etc.).

Who we are

Seasoned international business executives having worked in over 80 countries around the world.

How we benefit you

  • Increased success
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Rapid expansion
  • Seasoned Experience


ViaViente Global has used R&R International Consulting for over eight years now and have entered multiple countries with their assistance. I trust their knowledge and expertise completely. R&R has made my job so much easier.
Mike Brosnan
President, Asia Pacific
ViaViente Global

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